The First Real Fast Electric Yacht in the World

Cadia Yachts S.A. presents the project for the construction of the first real fast electric yacht in the world. The project brings new technology to the maritime industry as it lays the foundation of a new era. Cadia Yachts S.A. has the mission to provide to customers a clean, quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly sailing experience. Unlike almost all electrical vessels, this electric yacht is designed for speed.

The future of the yachting is changing with us! If you wish to become part of this exciting process, please visit For Investors page for more information.

About The Electric Yacht:

It is a hard top yacht with an overall length of 14.63m, two (2) powerful electric motors (2x654 kW), huge peak system torque (2x848 Nm) and it uses ZEUS system. The yacht can be charged directly in the marina.

The production plant of the project is in Croatia.

Electric Yacht Benefits:

The electric yacht will never pollute the environment. It guarantees quiet and peaceful sailing thanks to the silent motor and you can forget about wasting your precious free time at the gas station.

As an investor in the electric yacht project Cadia Yachts S.A. joined together the efforts of two producers in order to turn into reality this unique boat - Elan Motor Yachts and Rimac Automobili.

The first official presentation of the electric yacht is in 2015 in Croatia.

Technical specifications:

  • length overall - 14,63 m
  • hull length - 13,88 m
  • beam overall - 4,30 m
  • fresh water capacity - 400 l
  • passengers - 10

Two (2) Electric motors:

  • Motor type - Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Internal cooling - Rotor and stator oil cooling with oil-water heat-exchanger and integrated pump
  • External cooling loop - Water / glycol
  • Continuous system power - 386 kW @ 8.800 RPM
  • Peak system power - 2x654 kW @ 8.500 RPM
  • Continuous system torque - 2x600 Nm (0-4.000 RPM)
  • Peak system torque - 2x848 Nm (0-7.400 RPM)
  • DC voltage - 200-800 V DC
  • Maximum current (per motor) 600 A rms
  • Maximum speed - 10.600 RPM
  • Number of poles (per motor) 10
  • Peak efficiency - 94,9%

Offer For Marinas:

Cadia Yachts S.A. develops an electrical yacht charger which can be installed in marinas. The charger shows the exact electrical power consumption of the boat and it is an excellent investment with high ROI.