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Cadia 34E The First 100% Electric Yacht in the World

Cadia Yachts S.A. presents Cadia 34E - the first 100% electric yacht in the world. The luxury hard-top electric motor boat is going to be a must-have pleasure for any yachting enthusiast. After 2 years of extensive research we have proved that mixing electricity and water is not such a bad idea after all!


Our yachting experts have created a high-performance pleasure boat by implementing revolutionary innovative materials and technologies throughout the whole yacht - from the hull design and shape to the boat control options and interior design. Cadia 34E is the only yacht on this planet that will never pollute the environment!


The fundamental principle underlying the electric boat project is the utilization of the lightest, most sustainable and cutting-edge materials and technologies in order to provide a silent, efficient and environmentally-friendly sailing experience.


The leading Italian designer Mauro Sculli is going to bring his brilliant creativity to the style of the luxury electric boat and his unique approach to interior layout and design. Final renderings of the work will be announced in December 2015.


The first real fast
100% electric
yacht in the


A 10.2-meter Electric Yacht Combining Numerous Innovative Technologies

No Water Pollution. No Air Pollution. No Noise Pollution. No Fuel.


Low Maintenance Cost. Mobile App Control. Free Delivery. Fully-Equipped.


Unfortunately, human activities slowly destroy the marine ecosystem. Big percentage of the Earth's population who live along coastlines and of those who reside inland own pleasure boats. All of these vessels pollute the environment in a number of ways: water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution etc.

Cadia Yachts' mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to the conventional yachting by bringing to the market a yacht which will never have negative effect on the marine ecosystem while at the same time  keeps the required level of comfort for the owners.

Cadia 34E Characteristics & Key Features

Speed & Range

Speed & Range

Maximum Speed:

30kn (55,5km/h)


Range at Full Load:

up to 3h (133km) with Cruising Speed 24kn (44,4km)


Size & Weight

Size & Weight

Length: 10,2 m
Beam: 3,34 m


Light Yacht Mass: 3630 kg


100% Electric Motor & Battery

100% Electric Motor & Battery

Electric Motor:

2x120kW (240kW) - 2x161HP (322HP)

Battery Bank: 350kWh
Battery Charging: 8h

Bio Antifouling Paint

Bio Antifouling Paint

With Cadia 34E there is no marine pollution from antifouling paint particles. The electric yacht uses bio antifouling technology which protects the hull for 5 years with only one application.

Unique Design

Unique Design

In December 2015 the futuristic design of Cadia 34E will be discosed publicly. Designer of the electric boat is the world famous Mauro Sculli and you may rest assured that Cadia 34E will be a truly recognizable and memorable masterpiece.


Optimized Cabin & Deck Space

Optimized Cabin & Deck Space

The electric propulsion system allows for an optimized use of space inside the boat by eliminating the need of diesel engines and fuel tanks. This means that Cadia 34E with a length of 10.2 meters has the inner space of a 13-meter vessel.

Mobile App Control

Mobile App Control

The mobile app allows monitoring battery levels, bilge water levels, bilge pump status and GPS location. It sends warnings about the temperature, fire, moisture etc. There is an option to remotely control the boat's air conditioning, cabin and deck lights or even refrigerators.

Cadia 34E Comes Fully-Equipped

Cadia 34E Comes Fully-Equipped

Cadia 34E is going to be produced and delivered to clients fully-equipped with kitchen appliances and utensils, exquisite Cadia Yachts bed linen and bathroom accessories.

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Jure Valant

Jure Valant Founder & CEO

Can you imagine how electric cars and yachts technology would have been developed by now if they didn’t stop it over 100 years ago! We are here to change it.

Severin Visnar

Severin Visnar Project Manager

Progress is the path to survival and development the way to success.

Georgia Stoeva

Georgia Stoeva Chief Marketing Officer

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Mahatma Ganhi

Julij Koporec

Julij Koporec Manager Central Europe

Changes are initiated by our perception and belief.


Cadia Yachts project for the manufacturing the first electric yacht in the world is open for investors worldwide. Cadia Yachts S.A. uses the Cadia Startup Exchange business model. It is the most innovative business funding model for entrepreneurs and investors with a more modern way of thinking with numerous benefits. If you would like to join our project, please contact us.

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